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Ebook - Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering

David Crolla

Ebook PDF: Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering

Author: David Crolla

ISBN 10: 0470974028

ISBN 13: 9780470974025

Version: PDF

Language: English

About this title:

Provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and research in automotive engineering. The Encyclopedia of Automotive Engineering provides for the first time a large, unified knowledge base laying the foundation for advanced study and in-depth research. Through extensive cross-referencing and search functionality it provides a gateway to detailed but scattered information on best industry practice, engendering a better understanding of interrelated concepts and techniques that cut across specialized areas of engineering. Beyond traditional automotive subjects the Encyclopedia addresses green technologies, the shift from mechanics to electronics, and the means to produce safer, more efficient vehicles within varying economic restraints worldwide. The work comprises nine main parts: (1) Engines: Fundamentals (2) Engines: Design (3) Hybrid and Electric Powertrains (4) Transmission and Driveline (5) Chassis Systems (6) Electrical and Electronic Systems (7) Body Design (8) Materials and Manufacturing (9) Telematics. Authoritative coverage of the wide-ranging specialist topics encompassed by automotive engineering An accessible point of reference for entry level engineers and students who require an understanding of the fundamentals of technologies outside of their own expertise or training Invaluable guidance to more detailed texts and research findings in the technical literature Developed in conjunction with FISITA, the umbrella organisation for the national automotive societies in 37 countries around the world and representing more than 185,000 automotive engineers. Available both as a fully searchable, updating online resource, and in a print edition comprising six volumes and over 4000 pages+ An essential resource for libraries and information centres in industry, research and training organizations, professional societies, government departments, and all relevant engineering departments in the academic sector. Readers/users will include: Professional engineers and technical staff in industry; senior undergraduate and postgraduate level students and researchers; educators and trainers; industry analysts and researchers. Table of Contents Part 1. Engines: Fundamentals Part 2. Engines: Design Part 3. Hybrid and Electric Powertrains Part 4. Transmission and Driveline Part 5. Chassis Systems Part 6. Electrical and Electronic Systems Part 7. Body Design Part 8. Materials and Manufacturing Part 9. Telematics

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